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Services at Melissa Welsh Style and Design

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Interior Styling Consults

Individualised styling advice to help you find your own personal style for your home or space. Consults are conducted over 2 hours, either in your home or online. A comprehensive written summary is provided to clients.

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Concept designs

Tailored concept designs for individual rooms that reflect your needs, style and budget. After initial consultation and discussions, a concept board is created to reflect the style of the client. This can then be used a the vision for the space and for guiding decisions when purchasing furniture & decor.

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Pre-start packages

Embark on your building or renovation

projects with clarity about how the final finished space will look and feel. These packages are tailored to each specific client. Packages include all the external and internal finishes and selections required to create a beautiful space or home.

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Product & Furniture Selections.

Purchasing new furniture, homewares or art, especially investment pieces can be time consuming and stressful. Melissa works with a range of local WA suppliers to find that perfect piece for your home, within your style and budget.

We’ve moved house a LOT and each time, I’ve struggled with making the new house feel like home and I’ve had to juggle the existing furniture to fit the new space.

So this time, I was very pleased to have help from Melissa. Melissa has a great eye for detail and was able to offer her expertise on how to arrange my old “stuff” and show me where I could fit new pieces to blend it all together for a fresh cohesive look. Her guidance was amazing!

I knew I needed some new floor rugs and was daunted at the prospect of spending lots of money and still making a mistake ( I’ve done that before) Luckily for me, Melissa is a wizard at working out the colours and sizes of rugs I needed to complete the look. We used her preferred providers to help me get great value. Hubby was impressed!

Most of all, I love Melissa’s friendly approach, her willingness to listen and her sensible advice.

From Melissa's desk